In 1987 I was 18. This was a time in my life where I should have gone left instead or right. A time of desperately needed guidance. A waste of time. But as I stumbled through……. figuring it all out on my own, I stumbled into a man..yet again. A man I never quite forgot. … More Georg


I wanna feel that backseat kinda passion, like a Journey song at 15.

Closer to God- a mockery

When you try to do all the right things , put your best face forward …. convince the world your OK. Your truthfully broken. Your whole existence is flawed. “Hello darkness my ol friend, Ive come to talk with you again.”

Double Cherry Pie

Double Cherry Pie is a combination of many things of my younger self back in the 80’s. Some of what I wanted to be, tried to be and some of what I actually was. Bursting at the seams with ignorance, attitude, sex and a giant “Fuck You” to the world. 1983 I was 14… I … More Double Cherry Pie

Pretty Piece of Flesh

“Hey girl, you’d look a whole lot better to me on your back”. And the smile slowly ran away from my face. Unfocused eyes , vulnerable. If I could only get outta this place.

Toughen up sweetheart!

When I think of particulars, you know the ones….  The right way to kiss a girl: Push her up against a wall, hold her arms above her head and kiss her like you mean it. And be honest… Are you taking selfies in the mirror and still live with your parents?  ” Most women desire … More Toughen up sweetheart!


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