Milk in the Creek

Brings me to this

A experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion.

Deborah Harry, Acrylic, June 2021

Closer to God- a mockery: Acrylic and water color, October 12, 2020
Photoshop 2017

When you try to do all the right things , put your best face forward …. convince the world your OK.

Your truthfully broken.

Your whole existence is flawed.

“Hello darkness my ol friend, Ive come to talk with you again.”

Double Cherry Pie

16th Jul 2020

Double Cherry Pie, July 2020. Acrylic and Water Color Pencil

Double Cherry Pie is a combination of many things of my younger self back in the 80’s.

Some of what I wanted to be, tried to be and some of what I actual had been.

Like bursting at the seams with ignorance, attitude, sexuality and a giant “Fuck You” to the world.

1983 I was 14… I lost my virginity and discovered MTV.

One of these left a life time of “lust” in my heart and need for a good pair of speakers.

Looking up and seeing my favorite bands on the screen blew my mind.

These guys wailing on their guitars, tits and ass all over the place.

It was pure, simple in your fucking face WE ARE ROCK n ROLL !

I couldn’t get enough.

Video did not kill the radio star…..

I was hooked. And I never wanted to come down.

Every night I could, I’d be at the local arcade in our shit little town.

I was there. Hanging out, getting high, like a groupie to the screen. Lean against the wall with a view of the TV, your hair is big and the jeans are tight…looking good.

Van Halen, Priest, AC/DC and most of all Sabbath…and to this day, noone’s ever seen my cry to Journey.

Pump, Ink on canvas 2018

When I think of particulars, you know the ones…. 

The right way to kiss a girl: Push her up against a wall, hold her arms above her head and kiss her like you mean it.

And be honest… Are you taking selfies in the mirror and still live with your parents? 

” Most women desire someone who makes them laugh and also feel safe, so basically a Clown Ninja.” Unknown 

Do you remember B-sides?  

When I was 14, I heard “Sweet Leaf” for the first time. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and never want to go home.  

I’ll talk about anything…anything but the meaning of life… the meaning of life and nothing in particular.  But never with all my chips on the table. 

I pretty much rock it old school for the most part.  I’m NOT caught up in keeping up with …. well, “who gives a shit anyway” if your car is better for the environment.   

Give me a loud and loaded muscle car any day. 

And who cares if you paid more than $50 for that plain white T-Shirt (that’s just stupid)  

Oh, and are those shoes PRADA?………again, who gives a shit! 

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