Seen through the eyes of another…

When you least expect it, you can be pulled in by inspiration. Inspiration comes from everywhere. In this case, I was captured by an other’s….. I just had to paint it.

If you know me….

If you know me ” Then” and “Always” is representation of me Then… sadness, anger, sex, attitude, discovery, getting high, passion and missed opportunity. ALWAYS.… my first discovery of music, first band I loved and the heavy metal I lived for……..for always. Speaks for its self, music is the language. Acrylic on canvas , September … More If you know me….


In 1987 I was 18. This was a time in my life where I should have gone left instead or right. A time of desperately needed guidance. A waste of time. But as I stumbled through……. figuring it all out on my own, I stumbled into a man..yet again. A man I never quite forgot. … More Georg

Double Cherry Pie

Double Cherry Pie is a combination of many things of my younger self back in the 80’s. Some of what I wanted to be, tried to be and some of what I actually was. Bursting at the seams with ignorance, attitude, sex and a giant “Fuck You” to the world. 1983 I was 14… I … More Double Cherry Pie