Milk in the Creek

Brings me to this

Do you remember B-sides?  

When I was 14, I heard “Sweet Leaf” for the first time. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and never want to go home.  

I’ll talk about anything…anything but the meaning of life… the meaning of life and nothing in particular. 

I pretty much rock it old school for the most part.  I’m NOT caught up in keeping up with …. well, “who gives a shit anyway” if your car is better for the environment.   

Give me a loud and loaded muscle car any day. 

And who cares if you paid more than $50 for that T-Shirt (that’s just stupid)  

Oh, and are those shoes PRADA?………again, who gives a shit! 

The smell of warm skin 

I think about meeting for the first time and the different ways it could play out.  Intense like I’d hope?

As if I walked through the very doors of “debauchery” like a school girl. Oblivious, innocent…not so much. 


perversion, impurity, indecency, wickedness, immoral, seduce, lust.

I paint and draw when the mood hits.

Good conversation with like minded people over strong coffee.

Some days I care, some days I don’t…..

Red Rose- February 2020- Acrylic and Water Color on Poster board.
Inspired by an admired artist

I am forever searching and seeking out inspirations.

Like most of my ideas, the smallest glimpse of a image, a particular word in a conversation can send my mind to that place.

Growing from that seed….. Imagination

Like Ive said before.. lyrics and music are my main motivation.

So whether the song is making me feel happy, sad, angry or something in between, it gets the juices flowing.

Scratching down notes on anything I can find.

Finding scribbled on the back of a receipt in the bottom of my purse from weeks or months before…

Reads “split in two”

Now if I could only remember WTF that was about ?

And she’s gone forever...

September 2016. Experiment of mixed material- Acrylic, Spray and GI Joe comic book pages.

Letting go

Regrets selling originals on canvas is something I’ve struggled with a few times.

So it’s something I’ve stopped doing.

It just feels too much like I’ve orphaned out one of my own to someone who might eventually lose interest and possibly leave it in their basement to collect dust…

A piece of me, they all come from a place of passion, frustration, confusion, anger, lust and yes….. joy.

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