Closer to God- a mockery

When you try to do all the right things , put your best face forward …. convince the world your OK. Your truthfully broken. Your whole existence is flawed. “Hello darkness my ol friend, Ive come to talk with you again.”

Double Cherry Pie

Double Cherry Pie is a combination of many things of my younger self back in the 80’s. Some of what I wanted to be, tried to be and some of what I actually was. Bursting at the seams with ignorance, attitude, sex and a giant “Fuck You” to the world. 1983 I was 14… I … More Double Cherry Pie

You have declared your consent..

The smell of warm skin  I think about meeting for the first time and the different ways it could play out.  Intense like I’d hope? As if I walked through the very doors of “debauchery” like a school girl. Oblivious, innocent…not so much.  Debauchery: perversion, impurity, indecency, wickedness, immoral, seduce, lust.

Red Rose

I paint and draw when the mood hits. Good conversation with like minded people over strong coffee. Some days I care, some days I don’t….. I am forever searching and seeking out inspirations. Like most of my ideas, the smallest glimpse of a image, a particular word in a conversation can send my mind to … More Red Rose